All Kinds of Everything with Shauna Doyle

The lovely Shauna Doyle reached out to us here at Flamingo during lockdown to see if she could help us out in anyway. So of course we said "YES PLEASE" and here is a fab little chat that we had about all kinds of everything! Check out our Latest IGTV also, where Shauna styled a fab loungewear set 5 ways.

Hi Shauna, Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do ?

My name is Shauna Doyle, I am a full time blogger, youtuber , MUA and also now a stylist with which is really exciting. I focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I talk about real stories and issues that girls my age go through such as periods, boy issues, college, working and everything in between. I feel like me and my followers are best friends and we are all just having a chat, which I adore! So tell us what have you been getting upto during lockdown? Mostly college work unfortunately and working on organic content as much as I can, I started my newsletter during lockdown so thats going really well so far and also TikTok haha! (I think we are all obsessed!)  What is the 1st thing/s you are going to do once lockdown is over? Get my roots done and my unibrow undone!! 

Describe your style for us?

I love mixing casual with dressy so like tracksuits with trench coats, silk maxi skirts with jumpers etc. I love that colour blocking quirky and sassy sort of a look!

Where do you like to shop?

Flamingo (Eimear has me hooked!) Love Cherish, Vanilla, Verso, H&M

Do you shop online? if so what are your favourite sites?

Yes I am murder for shopping online, I wouldn’t be able to survive without Asos, Silkfred, neverfullydressed or dancing flamingo!

Who is your Style Icon

Niamh Cullen, Louise Cooney, Rosie Connolly! Irish gals are always killing it !

Do you have a best buy/bargain?

Doc Martens for sure, absolutely adore them!

Worst buy?

Black bandage skirts in 2010!

Favourite item in wardrobe right now

My white Marc Jacobs bag definetly, has a good story behind it so it makes me happy. (I bought it when I was in NYC with doing my first international shoot, such a big achievement for my career!)

Best style tip?

Mix and match, restyle and revamp always. You have alot more outfits than you think!

Best Make-up tip?

You cant ever wear too much blush lol

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Online shopping, Watching YouTube (David Dobrik Vlogs!) Coming up with content ideas.. I am ALWAYS working, I cant complain though I have the best job in the whole world!

You can find all of Shauna's links here!

TikTok: shaunadoylex